Newark, DE


I fish fresh water & salt water. My first fishing experience was my first date with my husband of over 30+ years. I enjoyed fishing so very much. I switched my high paying marketing job to work in fresh seafood. My customers know I can bait, clean, cook and catch better than most men. lol Recently received my very first fishing kayak. Just turned 60 and I keep most of my fishing equipment in my car year round. Tonight at work, a customer wanted fresh Rainbow Trout, had to explain to him, cold water kills our stocked locations. That we only had fresh farm, local Rainbow trout fillets available. Or a man asking me tonight for wild fresh salmon. Sorry, salmon in the U.S. & Canada has been over fished, almost to extinction. Our federal government only allows frozen wild salmon to be delivered to grocery stores. Wish our fish & wildlife rangers would stop & climb aboard a foreign fishing vessels. If you or I had over fished, our boats would be seized. Also, some fish are re-named to make more sales. Example: Basa, a Vietnams fish, was re-name Swai. To me it tastes like our U.S. flounder. Just thicker, & a heck of a lot cheaper. I can even teach you how to take the frozen taste out of frozen fish fillets & chicken. Or show you how you can eat the body of a Lobster. Or how you know you are receiving real Sea Scallops. Please never boil or steam King Crab, Snow Crab, Dungenss Crab, Crayfish, {any pre cooked crab & pre cooked shrimp} Just allow an extra hour prior to eating, wrap in tin foil, and place in a 450 degree oven as a wrapped package. Shrimp will take a lot less time. To test - poke your finger into the meat. If its super hot, it is ready to be eaten - and the flavor goes WHAM! You can also heat on a gas grill or pellet grill, those you can regulate the heat, {no foil, place on 2nd shelf - and close the lid. Shrimp place in foil} And never-ever run water over frozen fish, shrimp, chicken, etc. Just place in a container big enough with cold water. Most fishing holes are over a two hour drive for us. It's worth it. Leaving the dock in the very early morning is so beautiful. #LOVE2FISH

Hobbies and Skills




Personal Best Fish

Yellow Fin Tuna

Favorite Fish Species

Chillian Sea Bass

Favorite Waters

Depends on fresh water or saltwater - fresh water "Judge Morrisons Estate" catch & release pond - saltwater we use 3 places, 2 by head boat, 1 in New Jersey & the 2nd Lewis Delaware, & of course our state park for more saltwater fishing.

Favorite Rods and Reels

I have so many, I have fishing racks on the ceiling of our shed, and 2 rod stands that roll. Be easier to name the ones I do not own. lol

Favorite Lures

A spinner for Rainbow Trout - Blood worm for bass - saltwater: surface plugs - minnow / frog & more


Wish we owned one, but head boat the way to afford fishing - no dock rentals - no storage charges - no store for winter charge - no 85% higher gas prices at dock, no repair & replace charges, & no cleaning !


None in our area


Never had the opportunity to


Been asked, still thinking I may, tough when you work and want to enjoy fishing on every day off.