• Shimano is my favorite brand of equipment. Would love to own this reel!

  • Never owned a Shimano, I don’t know if it could stand up to the beatings I give reels! Love to see though.

  • Great drag system on the Sedona

  • Shimano are hard to beat for durability.  Great reels.

  • Thanks! I hope I win!

    • You have been putting in some time... that is for sure. Good luck the rest of the season!

    • Thanks I froze my but off wilt live bait under a bobber today without a bite. Should have gone after steelhead instead.

  • Love the look of it. 

  • I really love and miss the Symetry Spinning reel.  The Sedona is equally a decent reel

    • The old school Shimano's are still awesome! :)

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