Walleye fishing

https://youtu.be/H33sbdI_zVE***Video Linked Above***What is the weirdest or grossest thing you have ever used to catch fish?Last week Kyle Tyree took me out for the second half of the day on his boat. We jigged with live leeches in 20 feet of water! In New England I never once saw or heard of anyone using leeches to catch fish but within no time we were pulling bass and walleye off man made cribs with just a jig head and a leech. I managed to catch my first two walleye EVER and the second one was a keeper! So after a killer day on the water Kyle took me back to his spot and fried up that incredible tasting fish!Have you ever eaten walleye?It’s absolutely amazing to be able to go have that much fun fishing and then be rewarded with one of the best tasting fish I have ever had! Thanks again brother!
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