Bluegill ice fishing

Some MAGIC happened today on the ice on my way to work!! You are looking at the fish that started it all. I went to a small pond near my house that I have only ice fished once. I had an hour and a half before I needed to leave Nashua and get my ass down to work. I only brought my jig rod and my showdown fish finder with a tiny little tear drop jig and meal worms. The first few holes I drilled had no marks. I drilled 4 more holes in the direction the sun was shining. The next hole I put in I got this gill and following that I hit the biggest bass I have ever got on my jig rod. The next hole I got the gills fired up again and got another bass. Even bigger than the first!!! The next hole.... we’ll just say... a PB was made on the ice today!!! Pics and Video to come. I will have a little teaser of the insane catch on my @team13fishing #picklestick early tomorrow morning here on Instagram and the video should be up by 1pm On my old YouTube channel.Huge thanks to Josh Hoover-Rathjen for doing all his silly short stick videos. Really made me want to get out and jig more!! You fuckin rock man!Also a giant thank you to Frank Sylvester for showing me his showdown fish finder last winter and teaching me how to use mine this year. It has been waaaaay to much fun!#pigpatrol #bassfishing
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