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Jan 24


Our tireless research has made us the go to Gurus when it comes to top quality, innovative hunting and fishing scents and attractants. Using our products, you will catch more fish and harvest more game in the limited time you have to spend outdoors. We have deer urine products, both Natural and Synthetic, that WILL bring in the wariest of Big Bucks. Choose from Doe-In-Heat, Buck-In-Rut or Preorbital Licking Branch varieties. Our Trace Mineral Attractant not only brings them in, it makes them healthier and grows maximum rack sizes. We also make the Lucky 7 brand of cover scents and attractants, along with fishing attractants for both game fish and catfish.

Hobbies and Skills

Hunting and Fishing

Personal Best Fish

44.5" 28 pound Northern Pike

Favorite Fish Species

Largemouth Bass

Favorite Waters

Small lakes

Favorite Lures



15' Bass Boat for small lakes.