What are your favorite fishing lures?

Here are my favorites...

Bass: Jig and plastic Case Hellgrammite, Gary Yamamoto finesse drop-shot worm, Robo Worm finesse drop-shot worm, Baby Brush Hawg creature bait, any jerkbait, and a 3-blade spinnerbait.

Walleye: Jig and twister, and Rapala Husky Jerk minnowbait.

Muskie: Musky Maina Jake crankbait, Bucher Shallow Raider crankbait, Musky Maina Lil Ernie crankbait, Smoker Tackle SS Shad crankbait, Gapens Polish Shad crankbait, Storm Kickin' Minnow crankbait/swimbait, Phantom Lures glidebait, Musky Innovations Bulldawg swimbait, Suick Weagle topwater, Bucher Topraider topwater, Llungen Lures Tandem Nutbuster spinnerbait, and the Llungen Lures DC-10 bucktail.

What are your favorite fishing lures?

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  • Most of my fishing is for bass and pike. I do some perch fishing during the year. For the bass I like soft plastics. Depending on where I'm fishing, I'll use a Carolina rig or wacky rig. I like spinner baits for the pike. Orange Mepps in line spinners are my favorite; usually #3 or 4 size. 

    • The wacky rig is great!

  • Bass: Swim Jig, Spinnerbait, Whopper Plopper. Plastics, Rage anything! usually texas rigged. 


    • I need to get a Whopper Plopper! Since it comes in two sizes... I will have to get two.

    • Actually 3 sizes but the really big one started out as a Muskie lure.The others are a 90, great smallmouth one but has a tendcy to roll over due to the torque the rear blade and my favorite is the new 110, has a better design not to roll over. I like the " I Know It" color. The most popular is the bone, which makes it hard to find. I do know Fishermans Central (.com) has them all in stock now and offers free shipping on orders over $50.00 FYI

    • Sweet! Did not know they came out with a new size. Even better.

    • Actually they come in 3 different sizes! # 90, #110, #130 the newest is the #110 seriers! This size has the newest design with the new tail section that suppose to prevent grass around the propeller! I have 2 of the #130 which I never used, like to sell them cheaper then what I paid, just have to pay for the shipping & price of the lure. The cost of the #130 was $16.99 Loon & Yellow Head.  So if anyone is interested in purchasing those 2 lures drop me a email or respond to this posting. Like I stated they were nerver used!

  • Pike: Savage Gear Shine Glide 8", Line Thru Roach 10", Live Target Yellow Perch 6.25"

    Crappie: Live Target Rainbow Smelt 2 3/4" Deep Dive, L.T. Gizzard Shad blue ghost 2" Northland 1/32oz Thumper

    Walleye: Live Target Gizard Shad, Rainbow Smelt, Golden Shiner and Baitball Rattle Bait. Savage Gear Sandeel

    Trout: Rebel Teeny Crawdad Diver, Live Target Rainbow Smelt, Dace and Gizzard Shad. Panther Martin. 

  • My favorite is spinerbait jigs and plastics and 

    Wopper poper and hollow body frogs 

  • Motley fishing Tungsten Jigs

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