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  • One of my goals for this year is to target Trout and Flathead Catfish, often.

  • To be open to selections of lures, not focus in on one lure or spot. Stick and move! 


  • My goals for the year include trying to finish with an AOY for Northwest Bass and qualify for the Bassmaster Team Championship. Also top 3 finish for the year in the EWB Trail. 

  • I'm a fly-fisher:
    1)  I'll be trying steelhead fly-fishing for the first time in February!  Really looking forward to that!
    2)  Hopefully getting to Lee's Ferry for a guided trip, and then see Horseshoe bend.
    3)  Learn to tie flies more consistently.  Right now, I'm just happy to tie them.  Next, it would be nice if they looked alike.  LOL
    4)  Learn to tie flies BETTER.  I learned a couple new ones and I'm just not happy with them.
    5)  MAJOR GOAL - Finding more special-reg trout streams in CA within 2-3 hour radius of the Bay Area.  Now we travel 4-6 hours and that takes up too much fishing time on a weekend.  I know they must be there - but, they must be 'secret'.  Driving me nuts!
    6) Connecting with more women fly-fishers. 

    That's just a few! 


  • Some fishing goals for this year are to try and reach 5k subscribers on my YT channel, catch a 13lb bass, and a couple more DD’s. 

  • Swim baits. I've fished with a couple smaller swim baits, but this year I want to throw bigger ones. I've picked up some soft plastic around 6" long and some hard plastic jointed almost 8" long.

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