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Hey there names Bruce. I'm an avid angler and cannot not stand to be away from water too long. It's funny but even at work I carry a little telescopic rod in the glove compartment just in case the moment arises. I live in VA with my wife and 3 kids, 2 boys ages 16 and 12 and my 10 yr old daughter. Here's the kicker all but my daughter absolutely hate fishing. I can for the life of me not figure it out. I love that my daughter is always wanting to go fishing but I don't understand how my boys don't. It's weird too because for example I took my 12 yr old fishing with me and he sat in the car until I hooked a huge carp and handed him the rod. I saw the excitement and glimmer in his eyes as he fought this 40lbs fish yet he hates to fish. I dunno if any you guys have similar experiences but I'd like to instill the same knowledge I've done passed down to my daughter but I don't know how to get the boys interested any ideas?Thanks

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  • Hey Bruce. Good talking with you yesterday.

    I know competitions can get pretty exciting. Maybe do a little fishing derby between you all. Winner gets a prize!

    Good luck.
    • Funny you should mention that me and my daughter do that everytime we fish. There's been several times she's out fished me lol. It was food talking to you too man I'm really enjoying this site lot of good info and like minded people!
  • I've got 3 kids. 2 girls and a boy. The oldest is 25 and she had no interest in fishing. She came along on vacation a couple years ago but never even picked up her pole. My other daughter is 20 and likes to fish occasionally. My son is 12 and he is my fishing partner, now. I can never go by myself to just get away for a while anymore. I can't take the two of them in the boat for long. It's not enjoyable as they seem to be at each other the whole time. I don't understand it. My wife likes to fish too, but she would rather spend her Sunday's at her parents than go out fishing. I wish I could teach them everything I don't know. I seem to spend a lot if time catching zero to a few fish. All I can say is that some kids will get in to fishing and some won't. My son's friend hates to fish. I don't know if it's because he is made to go with his step dad or whatever.
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