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Favorite type of soft plastic lure?

For Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass... my favorite would have to be a finesse worm on a drop-shot rig or a basic jig. I have done best using this style of soft plastic lure on sunny days and when the fish are deep - in lakes. In rivers... besides blade baits - it is hard for me beat a finesse worm on a jig.

For Muskellunge... I like to use 6 and 10 inch Kalin's, twister tail grubs in rivers. In lakes... I prefer to use Bulldawg swimbaits.

Twister tail grubs, finesse worms, tubes, creature baits... what are your favorite soft plastics to use in any given situation while fishing?

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  • Power team lures sick stick has been awesome. I've used all kinds of plastics looking for was looking for an edge for a rookie and bamm pro kitchen sink sick stick
  • The bio spawn vile craw it's a very versatile bait for catching largemouth don't get to fish for small mouth
  • For largemouth a creature bait by far favorite one crazy legs chigger craw
    • Me too :)
    • You can't beat them they work on jigs t-rig and great for flipping
  • 3.5in tubes fished shallow for big Trout! 

  • favorite one crazy legs chigger craw for large mouth bass. & I love using plastic frogs on top water for large mouth bass
  • A curly tail grub on a jig head is a versatile lure that I like for most any species, from panfish to pike, and everything in between. Fast retrieve, slow retrieve, jig, shallow water or deep, it works for it all. When backpacking or just exploring and when I am limited for space, these are what I'll bring.

    Having said that, it's hard to beat a 5" Senko Texas rigged for largemouth.
    • You got that right Bernie!
  • My favorite soft plastics would have to be zoom ultra vibe speed craws and ultra vibe speed worms.I use them on carolina rigs, shakey heads, swing jigs, and as trailers on football jigs.
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