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Favorite fishing reel/s?

For Bass... I would have to go with the Shimano Calcutta, Curado, and Citica for baitcasters. If I had to choose one... I would go with the Calcutta. For Spinning reels... the Shimano Stradic and Sedona are my favorites.

For Muskellunge... the Shimano Calcutta has been my most reliable reel.

What are your favorite fishing reels?

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  • Definitely would say curados would be my favorite. The new revo premiere is an awesome reel as well. Spinning reel is hands down a stradic.
    • Looks like we think alike.
    • I grew up fishing nothing but curados and symetres my favorite curado still to this day are the older bantam curados
    • Back when they were all green! Those reels were special.
    • Yeah man! Love them I have 8 of them and they still perform likenthey used to 15 years ago just gotta clean them up
  • Anyone got any g 5,6,or 7 curados for sale
  • For light shoreline plugging i like my Shimano Twin Power SW5000XG. Has a few less bearings then the Stella (probably the best spinner around). Very smooth & comes with a power knob.

  • I used to be onboard the Shimano bandwagon. Loved my calcuttas. Slowly but surely i have been switching my baitcasters over to Diawa Tatula Rs.

     I do as much (if not more ) inshore saltwater fishing as bass chasing. The sealed bearing system on the Tatulas is a whole lot less maintinence than the shimanos ever were and the T wing system is adding another 15 - 20 yds to my casting distance.

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