Bank or boat?

What's everyone's preferred way of fishing? On the bank or off a boat? 

I personally would rather fish off a boat! I like being able to fish the best spots and you can't always get to them from land! 

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  • I enjoy fishing from shore and from a boat.

    When camping... I enjoy fishing for Flathead Catfish - from shore.

    When fishing from a boat... I enjoy casting and trolling for all species. My top 3 would probably have to be Bass, Walleye, and Muskie.

    What kind of boat do you usually fish from... and what do you generally fish for?

  • I have fished The Louisiana saltwater marsh for 45 years without a boat. fished for freshwater species in ponds lakes and bayous for the same.

    There are hundreds of miles of roadsides ,beaches  and trails where one can limit out on salt water inshore spieces along our coast.

     The big three are Red drum , spotted sea trout (we call them specks ) and flounder.

  • Boat for sure, give you the opporitunity to fish spots that you can't from the bank

  • I don't own a boat . never have. Been fishing off the bank for 50 years. fish both salt water and fresh.  If someone asked me to go fishing in there boat i usually go, split the cost of everything.  I've seen to many times people with boats running up and down the lake making 10 cast here and 15 cast there and never find fish all day.

    I know where the fish should be in each season .so i fish a couple of areas very hard and usually catch fish.


  • Since the Bank owns the Morgage on my boat I guess they are both the same.


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