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Chris McCaskill is now a member of Angling Network
3 hours ago
Capt. Jason Gabriel posted a discussion
Florida Keys Fishing Report Spring fishing here in the Florida Keys is really, really, really good. I know I say every month, season, week, day is great but spring is by far the second best season to fish here. The first of course is summer but we’ll save that article for that time. So, back to the now, back to the spring fishing conditions. We have spent most of the month inshore and at the bridges. The bite is pretty much non stop and the variety of fish here is anyone’s guess. Jacks, yellowtail, mutton, mangroves, yellowjacks, schoolmasters, lanes, groupers, goliaths and sharks. That’s the great thing about fishing inshore. A variety of fish, a short run to the bridge, calm waters and lots of dinner. We are using live bait such as pilchards, Pinfish, shrimp and cut bait. Any fresh cut bait is effective and bring in the fish. Fresh chum or chunking works as well as frozen chum. The migratory tarpon are here and getting ready to feed in full force. They are lying low under the bridge…
Mar 14
CHL's NEW Herring Grub Tantalizes Bluefin Trevally!
Marcie L Snyder is going to 2018 KKTT at Rocky Fork Lake
Feb 28
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Feb 28
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Feb 27
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Feb 27
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Feb 27
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Feb 27
Installing Ceramic Bearings For My Newell Reel!
How To Make Bait Bags Using Big Vic's!
Motley Fishing replied to Brandyn Shepherd's discussion What are your favorite fishing lures?
"Motley fishing Tungsten Jigs"
Feb 17
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Feb 17
Motley Fishing left a comment on Wisconsin Fishing
"Hey everyone Im from Chippewa Falls, where is everyone else from??
Feb 17
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Feb 17
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Feb 17
Shore Casting A Mid-Water Rig!

Depending on the areas you fish & water conditions it's sometimes better to keep your bait off the bottom. If there's bottom obstructions or low visibility it may hide your baited rigged from being detected. It's always good to be prepared for any conditions you fish in. So i'll demonstrate how to better present your bait to increase your chances of hooking-up.

I've been practicing this ideology using fish, squid, shrimp & crab for years. Live bait always works the best. I've hooked into Trevally, Ladyfish, Threadfin, Sharks, Rays & Bonefish using this method of suspending my baits. This really works well in a boat drifting over miles of reef & sand bars. Use your favorite bait & hook.
Andrew Fuerstenberg is now a member of Wisconsin Fishing
Feb 11
Andrew Fuerstenberg is now a member of Angling Network
Feb 11

How To Ballon Baited Lines From Shore!

On this day the weather report called for high North winds, which rarely occurs. So i got up at 5am (brrrr) and went to Chocolate Beach. This is my preferred testing area to demonstrate fishing techniques. My friend Junior who works at that area told me the fishing has been bad there for weeks but i just needed to demonstrate how i ballon my baits from shore.

For this i used a 13'3" Daiwa Ballistic Rod with a Shimano Ultegra 10K spinner loaded with 380yd of 50lb Jerry Brown braid. The main reason to balloon out a rig is to get distance from shore to increase your chances of catching fish. Now if you want to drop a bait instead of having it on the surface you can do it 1 of 2 ways-
1) Use a hard sucking candy with a hole in it (like Life Savers), or drill a hole in a cough drop. Then tie a thread through that hole connecting the balloon to your bait rig. Depending on the candy used (Life Savers will be +-15min) it'll dissolve…

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